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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Predominant Fault in Some Men

As those who follow this blog know well, I have written on the three types of men in our present society. The protector, the predator and the peter pan male represent either maturity and goodness, evil, or stunted growth.

I have been contemplating the reason why so many young male youths fall away from the Church here in Ireland. The numbers of non-practicing youth are staggering. Yesterday, I posted the article on statistics of belief and non-belief among college age youth.

The hidden root of some of this disaffection is weak male leadership in the home, the Church, and in government and business.

The protector male protects not only his wife and children, but society and culture. He has a stake in the national consciousness of being individuals with a common heart, a common purpose.

Negativity is not part of the attitude of the protector, nor is cynicism, signs of the peter pan syndrome.

Here in Ireland, peter pans dominant. Some women have told me they would never marry an Irishman because they do not take their place as heads of families, but prefer passivity to leadership.

Yesterday, a good priest told me that a major evil in the priesthood is sloth.  Sloth is the hardest predominant fault to combat and finally destroy according to Garrigou-Lagrange.

Sloth leads to abdication of roles, a nine to five attitude towards duty, a curtailing of personal growth. That sloth can be found in some who are priests is a tragedy for the laity.  Without leadership, the ship of the Church crashes on the rocks of sin. This is the case here. The Church has been greatly weakened by sloth and laxity. I think in some places such lax men are called "couch potatoes".

How many men do we know who do not engage in necessary conflict as it is too painful or disturbing for them? They want a quiet life. Sadly, the days of the country curate living a quiet life fishing and reading the classics, doing the minimum for his parish are days gone by, only to be found in literature.

The Church finds Herself in the midst of the worst battles seen for centuries. Sloth does not win battles. Hard work and simplicity do.

Slothful men lay down the staff of leadership and like the bad shepherd allow the wolves to enter the fold.

That one priest can criticize some of his fellow priests shows the depth of the problem here. Youth can spot a hypocrite a mile away and the bad priests and neglectful husbands and fathers will have to face God as to why they did not work on their predominant fault.

Being a Catholic man, like being a Catholic woman, entails hard work.

We are battling for our soul and the souls of others. There is no time for sloth. This quaint phrase from a popular old book on country curates is not true in 2013: 'T WILL BE ALL THE SAME IN A HUNDRED YEARS.

No, it will not, despite all those who dream of the old days when men did not necessarily have to measure up to the great role of protector. 

I shall do a post on Friday on the predominant faults of women.


Ramona said...

I've been ruminating on this theme of men a lot lately as I have a teenage daughter who I am trying to train to see these qualities in men before she is ready to court and seek a partner for marriage. I'm also convinced that women tend to fall into three different categories, the princess, the peacemaker, and the pants bearer.

The princess wants everyone including her husband to serve her and domestic menial work is seen as below her. Her spiritual life is often superficial and follows the crowd, often into false seers.

The peace maker is the ideal modelled after the Blessed Virgin. Someone who knows when to be silent and one who knows when to speak up (often for others, not herself). She keeps a home running smoothly for her family and peace reigns around her. She works constantly on her spiritual life as well as in her home.

The pants bearer is in control and won't allow her husband to lead even if she happens to be married to a protector. Her rule is the only way. She may often be very well read in the spiritual life but has problems applying it to her own because she often can't see her own faults.

I think all three of these types of women interact and influence to a great degree the male types also. It's common to see pants bearing women married to peter pan men, and also princesses to be married to predators. Ideally we would all have marriages that have a protector and a peace maker. For those who don't they need to strive to the ideal type for their own gender and encourage their spouses to their own ideal qualities.

Supertradmum said...

Ramona, very cool and we all know lots of princesses and pants wearers. Interestingly, I was listening to a Fr. Chad Ripperger on choosing a wife. This good priest said, that men should choose a virtuous woman, and not look for beauty. He said that even if the woman is ugly (and some of us are not beautiful) men should go for virtue.The trouble is that women are not training their girls to be virtuous, but only sexy and outwardly beautiful

We have lost the sense of the virtuous woman. Thanks for this excellent comment. I, ironically, have way more men friends and talk to more young men than women, as there are more trad young men in the Churches I have been attending. Trad girls are rare on the ground in Ireland and England.

Micha Elyi said...

"I have been contemplating the reason why so many young male youths fall away from the Church here in Ireland."--Etheldreda

I blame the females. They took up and spread the feminist disease. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

Supertradmum said...

Micha, the rot set in way before feminism. This problem goes back generations, as Ireland families have been run by women for centuries. And, is it not like Adam to blame Eve when he could have been strong and said NO?