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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blaming Satan

Beware, this is a rant.

I am so tired of reading in print and hearing in speech that something evil is caused by Satan.

Let me explain that there are three reasons for evil in this world and Satan in only one reason.

One, original sin and its consequences. I realize when I walk to Mass or the shops daily in Dublin that the VAST majority of people I pass are most likely not baptized. This means that they are still bound by Original Sin and have no sanctifying grace. They are not adopted children of God or heirs of heaven.

Could they become so through special graces from God? Perhaps. But at this point, they are walking in darkness.

Second, we are responsible for saying yes or no to sin. Satan can and does tempt us. He watches us like a super-hyper-intelligent hawk, learning our weaknesses so as to prey upon us.

Do we have to give in to Satan? Absolutely not. All humans have free will.

Third, the world is full of evil and getting worse. Therefore, as in the saying, we sin through the "world, the flesh, and the devil."

Now, if no one cooperated with Satan in mortal sin, the world would look differently than it does now.

Sin corrupts us, the culture, the society, the nations, the world.

Notice, that we need to cooperate for Satan to take over a nation, a society, a culture, a life.

People are still reeling from the passing of the abortion bill in Ireland. Men and women who have been making immoral choices for a long time and who have not conformed their consciences in accordance with the teachings of Christ and the Church voted for that bill and all its consequences.

The last time I look at the list of assenting names, I did not see Satan, also known as Beelzebub on the roster. 

People, please stop blaming Satan. Stop blaming a party. Stop blaming the hierarchy. We all have enough grace to say NO.

This bill is the result of generations not passing the Faith on down to the children. Satan is working hard to bring down the Church, but we do not have to cooperate with him.

Friday's first reading:

Deuteronomy 6:3-9

Hear, O Israel, and observe to do the things which the Lord hath commanded thee, that it may be well with thee, and thou mayst be greatly multiplied, as the Lord the God of thy fathers hath promised thee a land flowing with milk and honey.
Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole strength.
And these words which I command thee this day, shall be in thy heart:
And thou shalt tell them to thy children, and thou shalt meditate upon them sitting in thy house, and walking on thy journey, sleeping and rising.
And thou shalt bind them as a sign on thy hand, and they shall be and shall move between thy eyes.
And thou shalt write them in the entry, and on the doors of thy house.

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New Sister said...

Reverend Supertradmum,

I agree we must not "blame" but I think your message can be easily misunderstood. It's a good thing that Christians are waking up and finally recognizing the devil openly. It is rare that I hear anyone actually "blame" satan. When I do, it's in the form of "so-and-so is being [spiritually] attacked", which is likely true, but more relevant (as you pont out) is the person's free will which gave in to temptation, and his suffering the consequences of sin (e.g., emotional problems/neurosis - Bishop Sheen spoke of that a lot, how most of what is blamed on mental "illness" is in fact unconfessed sin)

I find refreshing Pope Francis' open recognition of satan's activity and lies in society -- e.g., sodomite agenda. It's been far too long that we've NOT recognized the reality of the demonic. With the ubiquity of yoga (forced on kids in public schools now!), occult literature such as Harry Potter, pornography, etc., exorcists are not wanting for employment.

I think the message you intended to convey is misplaced blame in general - what is NOT being blamed for evil, namely, individuals with free will, our self-righteousness and shirking of responsibility... the terrible decrease in baptisms and religion, and the unstable minds that result.

Supertradmum said...

New Sister,I hear it daily, especially here in Ireland, that al this abortion legislation is Satan's doing. Of course, but the conversations rarely indicate that those talking take personal responsibility for sin. I repeat, we do not have to give in to Satan, no one does. We have free will. If people get into the occult, are practicing homosexuals, or are pro-abortion, they have CHOSEN those routes and ignored graces given

We all have enough grace to avoid sin,even in a sinful society

Supertradmum said...

New Sister, let me add that Satan uses people to bring the Church and countries down. If people did not cooperate, we would have holy countries, in some cases.

Malta will pass abortion and ssm soon. Why, because the people have been contracepting and being disobedient for years. Satan does not even have to be standing around in the corridors of power, as those are already in his hands.

Supertradmum said...

New Sister, sorry, interruptions.

The other two parts of temptation, the world and the flesh are not taught from the pulpit just as satan is not. A holy person told me a long time ago that once a person is living in mortal sin, satan does not have to do anything, as the consequences of poor jugdement and weakness of character bring the person closer to hell. I guess the difference is that I meet many people who believe in satan but who do not believe in free will. They make excuses, such as dads and moms and grandparents going tolerating sin in their families, not because they do not believe in satan, but that they think there is some sort of determinism or fate and accept that rather than free will. I know several ladies my age who really do not believe that we are culpable for sin, as "satan is making my kids like this"...yes and no

Sal said...

This is excellent and so needed, in our current culture of blaming anything other than ourselves. Thank you!

Gary Adrian said...

Supertradmum, here in the US, Satan doesn't exist, no one does evil acts, and we are all okay. Since Satan doesn't exist, we can't blame him, so this is a non existent problem here. Instead we blame anything other than ourselves and Satan for our weaknesses. YES, people DO need to take responsibility for their own mistakes. I truly believe that we Catholics have the tools of the graces received through the sacraments to help us overcome our evil tendencies and Satan to encourage our evil tendencies. Here in the US, most don't recognize either. Just as I think people use anything as a scapegoat in order to shift blame away from their own weakness and desires, we do need to put Satan in his proper place.

Supertradmum said...

Gary, I am not writing about secular people but Catholics who do not take responsibility for their actions and cooperating with Satan. Such as,good Catholic people saying things like "Oh, my grandson cannot help being gay. It is Satan bringing him down." Or, "My children have all fallen away because of Satan." Or the latest, "Satan has brought about the abortion law." Of course, Satan tempts us and is behind all evil, as I note, but we do not have to give in. I am not writing this article for seculars, but Catholics who are practically Calvinists in denying free will. This is an easy way of people not taking responsibility for sin or for the fact that they did not raise their children in the faith.

HV Observer said...

On what basis do you make the assertion that "the VAST majority of people I pass are most likely not baptized."

I presume you mean "in Ireland" or "in Dublin."

Are the baptism rates that low in Ireland?

Supertradmum said...

HV, immigrants from Pakistan and India are not Christians. They are having babies. Many young Irish no longer believe and some are not having their children baptized. Many EU immigrants, excluding the Polish, are not Christian, either. I suggest you look at this and other studies.

Marriages are down, and if you know the culture of Ireland, men have married at older ages than in some other cultures. The replacement rate of babies is below the needed level to keep the Irish population from severely decreasing and 24 percent of the babies born in 2011 were from mothers not born in Ireland; in addition 33 percent were born out of wedlock and many of those women have also fallen away from the church and do not have their babies baptised. Some priests, and rightly so, are only baptising babies if the parents are going to Mass in his parish. This is right and good, as a child must be raised Catholic and baptism is being brought into the community of the Catholic Church, so if the parents are not practising, they are not part of that community.