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Friday, 7 December 2012

For my Catholic male friends

Do not be depressed. Several of you have told me in the past week that you are depressed with the situations in America and England.

First of all, as heads of families and as husband and fathers, you cannot wallow in depression. You must rise to the occasion.

Second, did you not expect these turns of events-the mystery of evil, which some of us have seen for 40 years coming?

Third, it is your responsibility to be the spiritual as well as material leaders in your families and in your parishes. Leaders, like Christ, pray, accept the  burden of suffering and decide what to do.

Four, what is God's Will for your lives? I cannot answer that question, only you can in great prayer and discernment by giving God the time He needs to speak to your heart.

Depression may be anger. So, five is either getting over the anger or turning it into righteous anger and changing things which you can change. Decide.

Depression is actually sinful if you stay in that state purposefully. Six, get out of depression through the reality that you and your families are going to suffer. Train them and yourself how. (It is not sinful if you are clinically depressed, of course.)

Seven, seek perfection.

Eight, realize that depression may be because you have always been in control and now you are not.
Give God control of your lives and if you have already, do it again.

Nine, seminarians, you have told me you are depressed. Deal with it as you are the age of martyrs. I have tried to tell you this for a long time.

Ten, God is in charge of you, me, your families, the Church, but He, in the Person of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity foretold these times.

Eleven, Christ was crucified. So what do you expect?

Twelve, be a saint and teach your families how to be saints.


Henry Edwards said...

Of course, the old saying may apply here, that "If you don't find the current situation truly depressing, then you must not have any clue what's happening."

Bill Meyer said...

I must say that I am not depressed, nor am I in despair. We are promised that the Church will endure, and were given no such promise with respect to any government, society, or culture.

My faith, and my trust, are in God. No other need apply.

Catechist Kev said...

"We are promised that the Church will endure..."

Yes, Mr. Meyer, we have that promise. Yet our Blessed Lord *did not* promise that it would endure here in the West (see northern Afirca for example).

The way so many negative things are happening, even *inside* the Church, I cannot fathom it will look anything but the way it does in northern Africa.

True, it may take a while here to get to that point, but the thought alone is enough to depress me. :(


Dismas said...

I suppose we can either choose to give into the temptation of depression and drown in the Tiber or take up the sign given to Constantine the Great, paint our shields with the Chi-Rho and remain to fight on the Milvian Bridge. Be Not Afriad.

Supertradmum said...

OK Dismas you got a post and I hope you have enough pins.

Matthew Roth said...

Was talking to one of the best dads I know today, and he agreed with me that it's best to be Catholic and have hope in Christ, instead of being desperate, even if we do head over the fiscal cliff...which would affect his and his brother's jobs as USMC pilots and my dad's job as an Army civilian lawyer (and that's just what's close to home; everyone will get a sock to the gut).

Dismas said...

Thanks for the post, I'm humbled and will refrain in the future.

Supertradmum said...

Dismas, trying to help the cause,np

Philadelphia Catholic Outsider said...

Good advice. We have to remember that victory is always available to us. At the end of this life, salvation for us and those we love. At the end of the world, Christ triumphs.

John said...

Brilliant! A truly liberated woman. A real helpmate.

Lynda said...

The women are experiencing this too - and in Ireland, too. It's exacerbated by the lack of leadership in Faith and Morals in the Church. Fortitude is called for ...

kavi said...

I never get depressed about "current events"...