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Friday, 30 January 2015

The Vision of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Despite a discrepancy in reports regarding time, St. Maximilian Kolbe, either when he was nine or twelve, depending on the source, had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

She held out to him two crowns, one of white roses, which symbolized virginity, and the other of red roses, symbolizing martyrdom.

Our Lady Mary asked him to choose one and the saint-to-be chose both.

White roses have long been a symbol of purity, as red have been of love and martyrdom.

This saint grew in contemplation and seriousness, developing a great love for the "Immaculata".

If you have not seen the superb DVD play of St. Maximilian, I highly recommend this.


Another Disapora

As I came into the airport, next to me, waiting for a shuttle, was a Jewish couple from France, with seven very large suitcases. They were speaking French.

It was clear to me that they are among the 1,000 of Jews leaving France. Read my other posts on this.

God bless this young couple.

Persecution Watch

Grindon School in Sunderland and Durham Free School are being possibly closed for not teaching anti-Christian views on lgtb issues.

We shall see which "Catholic" schools are really Catholic.

Religious schools, as I have written on this blog for years, must be totally independent of all government money.

GB needs something like NAPCIS schools.

Ah, New York

Passing through New York, I saw a television blurb that the University of New York system does not want professors calling students Miss or Mrs, or Mr. as this offends the lgtb community. I never let my students call me by my first name and I always addressed them formally. No more "manners" and sense of hierarchy here.

Also, Fox just hired the first transgender reporter on tv, which I refuse to capitalize.

Fact and Fiction

When I put the Knights of Karl into my last story, I did not realize there was a League of Prayer dedicated to Blessed Karl.

Check this out. Blessed Karl is another saint for our time.

"The decisive task of Christians consists in seeking, recognizing and following God's will in all things. The Christian statesman, Karl of Austria, confronted this challenge every day. To his eyes, war appeared as "something appalling." Amid the tumult of the First World War, he strove to promote the peace initiative of my Predecessor, Benedict XV.

From the beginning, the Emperor Karl conceived of his office as a holy service to his people. His chief concern was to follow the Christian vocation to holiness also in his political actions. For this reason, his thoughts turned to social assistance. May he be an example for all of us, especially for those who have political responsibilities in Europe today!"
Homily of  Saint John Paul II at the Beatification Mass of Emperor Karl I of Austria.
Sunday 3rd October, 2004.

Voice of The Family News

Papal News

Goodbye to Ireland, where economics run politics

The soul of Ireland is gone.

The country that has sold virtual space to other nations...

and has lost its sovereignty . The Irish have institutionalized rebellion. And, lost individual rebellion.

If the individual is rebellious, that is a healthy.

But, what happens when a government becomes rebellious?

The government is not beholding to anyone and is a reverse democracy, which is an illiberal democracy or an inverse totalitarianism.

If you do not get this, read this from wiki:

In Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco, inverted totalitarianism is described as a system where corporations have corrupted and subverted democracy and where economics trumps politics.[5] In inverted totalitarianism, every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited to collapse as the citizenry is lulled and manipulated into surrendering their liberties and their participation in government through excess consumerism and sensationalism.[6][7]

Read more here on the US as well, but this has happened already in Ireland.

The book by Wolin mentioned in this article is key.Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism

Managed democracy

Wolin believes the democracy of the United States is sanitized of political participation, and describes it as managed democracy: "a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control".[13] Under managed democracy, the electorate is prevented from having a significant impact on policies adopted by the state through the continuous employment of public relations techniques.[14]
Wolin believes the United States resembles Nazi Germany in one major way without an inversion: the essential role propaganda plays in the system. According to Wolin, whereas the production of propaganda was crudely centralized in Nazi Germany, in the United States it is left to highly concentrated media corporations, thus maintaining the illusion of a "free press".[15] According to this model, dissent is allowed, though the corporate media serve as a filter, allowing most people, with limited time available to keep themselves apprised of current events, to hear only points of view that the corporate media deem "serious".[16][4][17]
According to Wolin, the United States has two main totalizing dynamics:
and more

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers expressed the view that:[7]
"We are living in a time of Inverted Totalitarianism, in which the tools used to maintain the status quo are much more subtle and technologically advanced ... These include propaganda and major media outlets that hide the real news about conditions at home and our activities around the world behind distractions ... Another tool is to create insecurity in the population so that people are unwilling to speak out and take risks for fear of losing their jobs ... Changes in college education also silence dissent ... Adjunct professors ... are less willing to teach topics that are viewed as controversial. This, combined with massive student debt, are tools to silence the student population, once the center of transformative action."[7]
This is what happens when the Lord God is set aside for the god, Mammon. 

Just for fun...

This is a bomb-detecting dog.

The Chinese is like word order..

Must reads and guess where I am today?

Illuminative State Again

One of yesterday's readings in the Divine Office reveals the movement into the Stage of Illumination.

Let John the Serene share this with all of you. John the Serene was the Bishop of Naples in either the 5th or 6th Century.

Love the Lord and walk in his ways
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? How great was that servant who knew how he was given light, whence it came, and what sort of man he was when he was favoured by that light. The light he saw was not that which fades at dusk, but the light which no eye has seen. Souls brightened by this light do not fall into sin or stumble on vice.
  Our Lord said: Walk while you have the light in you. What other light did he mean but himself? For it was he who said: I came as a light into the world, so that those who have eyes may not see and the blind may receive the light. The Lord then is our light, the sun of justice and righteousness, who has shone on his Catholic Church spread throughout the world. The prophet spoke as a figure of the Church when he cried: The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
  The spiritual man who has been thus illumined does not limp or leave the path, but bears all things. Glimpsing our true country from afar, he puts up with adversities; he is not saddened by the things of time, but finds his strength in God. He lowers his pride and endures, possessing patience through humility. That true light which enlightens every man who comes into the world bestows itself on those who reverence it, shining where it wills, on whom it wills, and revealing itself according to the will of God the Son.
  When this light begins to shine upon the man who sat in darkness and the shadow of death, in the darkness of evil and the shadow of sin, he is shocked, he calls himself to account, repents of his misdeeds in shame, and says: The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? Great is this salvation, my brethren, which fears neither sickness nor lethargy and disregards pain. We should then in the fullest sense not only with our voice but with our very soul cry out, The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? If he enlightens and saves me, whom shall I fear? Even though the dark shadows of evil suggestions crowd about, The Lord is my light. They can approach, but cannot prevail; they can lay siege to our heart, but cannot conquer it. Though the blindness of concupiscence assails us, again we say: The Lord is my light.For he is our strength; he gives himself to us and we give ourselves to him. Hasten to this physician while you can, or you may not be able to find him when you want him.john

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Interesting Article Today

Good News from The Vatican

pay attention time...

For the fun of it...a Tiger Moth Plane

"DH 82A Tiger Moth - N81DH" by Towpilot - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

CONDEMNED by the Church Reminder

Premillennialism, in Christian eschatology, is the belief that Jesus will literally and physically return to the earth before Christ's reign for 1,000 years during a golden age of peace.
Dispensationalism is an evangelicalfuturistBiblical interpretation that understands God to have related to human beings in different ways under different Biblical covenants in a series of "dispensations," or periods in history.
As a system, dispensationalism is expounded in the writings of John Nelson Darby (1800–82) and the Plymouth Brethren movement,[1]:10 and propagated through works such asCyrus Scofield's Scofield Reference Bible. The theology of dispensationalism consists of a distinctive eschatological end times perspective, as all dispensationalists hold topremillennialism and most hold to a pretribulation rapture

wiki links

Connecting Dots and The To Be Continued...

Remember this posts I wrote just a while ago? This is the continuation I promised.

Many ideologies grow up around these false seers. Grace is set aside for the words of the visionaries.

As reality attacks the false visions, grace fails as the people involved ignore Church teaching on these matters. And, as grace and ideologies crumble, people fall into either atheism or gross dualism.

Well, guess what is one of the demons worshiped by the Masons? The pythonic demon. I learned this somewhat recently.

See also my post on "Diabolical Influence" from December 17th, 2014 and January 15th, 2014, on "The Snakes Return".

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

On A Demon of The False Seer

The Serpent Column from Delphi-Wiki
Myths and truth overlap. I was re-reading the passage in Acts 16:16 when St. Paul gets fed-up with the false seer and exorcises the girl from what is called in the Douay-Rheims, the Pythonic spirit.

16 And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain girl, having a pythonical spirit, met us, who brought to her masters much gain by divining.

17 This same following Paul and us, cried out, saying: These men are the servants of the most high God, who preach unto you the way of salvation.
18 And this she did many days. But Paul being grieved, turned, and said to the spirit: I command thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, to go out from her. And he went out the same hour.

It never dawned on me until today that the demon was called "Python" in the Vulgate. An old article reminded me of this when I began a study of a false healer who was connected to a python. 

Now, one can draw a line to Genesis and the snake in the garden, and also to Delphi, which I have written about on this blog before, as a place of demonic seances, relating to the pythonic demon which in myth, was overcome by Apollo.

In some myths, the priestess seer is called Pythia, and she could be seen as having a pythonic demon. Her name became the name of the main seer, the Pythia. Also, there is a sculpture of the python at Delos.

Therefore, St. Paul is making the connection concerning demonic seers.

Someone indicated that in the Latin Vulgate, in the passage about King Saul seeking out the Witch of Endor, that the "divining spirit" is also referred to as "pythonic". They were correct.

Note--- 1 Samuel 28
dixitque Saul servis suis quaerite mihi mulierem habentem pythonem et vadam ad eam et sciscitabor per illam et dixerunt servi eius ad eum est mulier habens pythonem in Aendor
mutavit ergo habitum suum vestitusque est aliis vestimentis abiit ipse et duo viri cum eo veneruntque ad mulierem nocte et ait divina mihi in pythone et suscita mihi quem dixero tibi

The evidence is growing for a real identification with false seers and a demon called "Python".

For years, I have been studying the characteristics and importance of the demon mentioned in Revelation. 

For many reasons, this demon is one worshiped today by a certain group of people. And, as it is the same demon or types of demons, this makes the connections more interesting. I wrote an entire post on this in the autumn, about theDestroyer, Abaddon, or Apollyon

So the demon is worshiped today by a certain group and is the same demon of false prophecy, false visions.

Revelation 9:11 Douay-Rheims 

11 A king, the angel of the bottomless pit; whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon; in Latin Exterminans,

This demon is attacking the Church now in many areas. 

One, I cannot list them all-but false seers are only one column of warriors against Christ and the truth. I have listed many false seers on this blog. The Pythonic demon....
Two, Coatlicue and Qpetzalcoatl, Aztec serpent gods demanded human sacrifice, especially the first demon. I think abortion is connected to these evil spirits--the Pythonic demon again.
Three, Apollyon is worshiped by a secret society. Yes, yet again...

This powerful demon and cohorts have not left us alone...and are mentioned in all the above references dating back to Genesis. 

To be continued....for a reason

We are still in the middle=adventus medius, but coming closer

I said the “triumph” will draw closer. This is equivalent in meaning to our praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom.This statement was not intended—I may be too rationalistic for that—to express any expectation on my part that there is going to be a huge turnaround and that history will suddenly take a totally different course. The point was rather that the power of evil is restrained again and again, that again and again the power of God himself is shown in the Mother’s power and keeps it alive. The Church is always called upon to do what God asked of Abraham, which is to see to it that there are enough righteous men to repress evil and destruction. I understood my words as a prayer that the energies of the good might regain their vigor. So you could say the triumph of God, the triumph of Mary, are quiet, they are real nonetheless. —Light of the World, p. 166, A Conversation With Peter Seewald

Whereas people had previously spoken only of a twofold coming of Christ—once in Bethlehem and again at the end of time—Saint Bernard of Clairvaux spoke of an adventus medius, an intermediate coming, thanks to which he periodically renews his intervention in history. I believe that Bernard’s distinction strikes just the right note. We cannot pin down when the world will end. Christ himself says that no one knows the hour, not even the Son. But we must always stand in the imminence of his coming, as it were—and we must be certain, especially in the midst of tribulations, that he is near. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Light of the World, p.182-183, A Conversation With Peter Seewald

International McDonald's Data from STM

OK, Mac update.

The worse McDonald's was in Valletta, poor service, grumpy staff, dirty and inferior food.

The best McDonald's was in Dublin on Grafton Street, great food, very clean, happy staff.

Low Population

There are only 4.5 million people in Ireland (Eire). This is social engineering suicide.

Think about this.................

The Irish leave Ireland, even today.

I could walk for ten minutes on Grafton Street and not here any English speaking people, except for American students.

Projections here.

42% of the population is in Dublin and Greater Dublin.